Do you want to buy a specific type of steroid or maybe you want to compare steroids before choosing which one you want to use. Before you do anything, you need to consider the bad and the good that’s associated with using steroids.

The Bad
Any steroid you take comes with health consequences. These health risks include organ damage, heart complications and possibly death if you abuse them. If you don’t want to suffer damage to your insides, then you probably should stay away from all steroids.

Roid rage and depression are common side effects of using anabolics. Roid rage refers to the aggression and irritability that users tend to exhibit. In other words, you may become angrier over the tiniest things. Some people even become violent while using anabolic steroid stack on the internet.

Acne is a common side effect of steroid usage. If you are self-conscious about the way you look, then you probably should stay away from anabolics. You could end up with severe acne and you may start to lose your hair.

In short, the cons of steroid usage include:

. Serious health risks
. Roid rage
. Depression
. Acne
. Hair loss

The Good
Using steroids is almost a guarantee to get results fast. This means bigger muscles, more definition, less body fat and improved endurance. Any steroid you take will increase your strength levels, even the ones designed to get you cut. You can easily go from being weak to incredibly strong within a few weeks. Asides from that, steroids increases a person’s energy levels, as well as stamina.

In short, some of the good things about steroid usage include:

. Get results fast
. Get bigger, leaner and increase endurance
. Superhuman strength
. More energy

Other Considerations
Steroids are not legal without a prescription, and getting real ones is more difficult than you realize. You can easily purchase fake stuff, which can be far more harmful than the real stuff. The fact is you probably can’ tell the difference between the real stuff and the fake stuff, unless you have used anabolics in the past. Plus, you have to inject most anabolics and this can be painful.

Should you use that steroid you have your eye on? Should you stack steroids to reach your fitness goals? The choice is up to you, but it’s worth mentioning there are legal steroids out there. Those are worth taking and they are often safer and more effective than the anabolics they are designed to mimic.